Friday, July 19, 2013

31 Weeks ~ Boca Raton Maternity Photography

I know, I know, after promises to be more active on here, time has lapsed yet again since my last post... I have so many sessions that I haven't even blogged yet. I stay slightly more current on my Facebook Page, so I'd love it if you could go and check me out over there ;)  (and don't forget to 'like' my page to become a fan!)

Anyhow, I have a super long post of a session I had last week. Elizabeth and Duane contacted me, as they are expecting their first baby and when I say, "holy wow" you'll see what I mean... Aren't they both gorgeous?!

The weather was terrible, so we did the whole session inside... which turned out to be a nice change. 

I am looking forward to meeting Jr, in September, we have his First Year's Baby Plan scheduled, and you just know, with parents being this beautiful, he's going to be a lil' angel.                                                       

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